Single American woman Jen

IQ Band: Gold (IQ > 130)
Age 30
Gender woman
Height 154cm
Country United States of America
City San Bernardino
Smoking Habits: Don't smoke
Drinking Habits: Occasionally / Socially
Dietary Preferences: Non Special Diet
Do You Have Children: No
Do You Want Children: Yes
Have pets: Yes
Body Type: Average
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Personality: Average
Cultural Background: Hispanic
Star Sign: Aquarius
Education Level: Graduate
Job Role: Student
Industry: Medical

About me

I tend to be on the introverted side as i like to keep to myself and a close group of friends but I am kind to anyone I meet.
I can be nerdy, as I enjoy game nights to a night out on the town, but I do appreciate a nice brewery.
I'm very playful as I like to tease, banter and laugh, all in good fun.
I'm intelligent in my own ways, socially and emotionally mostly, but i do take an active interest in anything I study. Math and science never came easy to me but it never stopped me from achieving my goals, so I am dedicated.
Although my friends say I'm a cat lady, I do love larger dogs as well.
I'm not superficial nor very trendy, as I'm much more practical but I do like to treat myself sometimes. :)
Note: I know I'm brown but alas I do not speak Spanish and neither am I familiar with many Latin customs.
Note2: I'm not here for hook ups or D* pics.


  • Music Pandora 90s, 2000s, and top hits are my jams, but I like country and classic rock as well.
  • Reading Psssh, I've fallen off the reading wagon. The last one I read was mockingjay from the hunger games series, but I'll reread a Harry Potter book any day of the week :)
  • Sports I like football and hockey the most, but am down to see a baseball game at the stadium.
  • Movies & TV Netflix and chill.... with my cat lol. GoT, SoA, Breaking bad, walking dead, and House of Cards for sure on my top lists.
    My favorite movie is tombstone but the LoTR, HP, star wars, Hobbits, and Indiana Jones trilogies are up there too.
  • Hobbies I volunteer at some animal rescues, play some what I call nerd agents from time to time but love game nights the most. I am a bit competitive.

What I'm looking for

I'm not coming with expectations, it would just be nice to "click" with someone Longterm relationship with a man
Age 24-37
Country United States of America
IQ Band: (IQ > 110)
Cultural Background: North European; South European; East European; Other Caucasian
Relationship Status: Single; Separated; Divorced
Star Sign: Not important
Height: min-max cm.
Body Type: Slim; Athletic; Average
Eye Color: Not important
Hair Color: Not important
Education Level: Graduate; Post Graduate
Job Role: Not important
Industry: Not important
Personality: Not important
Drinking Habits: Non-Drinker; Occasionally / Socially; Regularly
Smoking Habits: Don't smoke; Trying to quit; Occasionally / Socially
Dietary Preferences: Not important
Children: Not important
Should they want more children: Not important
Have pets: Not important