Single British woman dmp369

IQ Band: Gold (IQ > 130)
Age 28
Gender woman
Height 165cm
Country United Kingdom
City Norwich
Smoking Habits: Don't smoke
Drinking Habits: Occasionally / Socially
Dietary Preferences: Non Special Diet
Do You Have Children: No
Do You Want Children: Undecided
Have pets: I like pets but I don't have any
Body Type: Average
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Personality: Average
Cultural Background: Other Caucasian
Star Sign: Libra
Education Level: Post Graduate
Job Role: Student
Industry: Arts

About me

Hello! I'm an American working on my PhD in England. I'm a classical violist, but I like all kinds of music. I like to go on adventures, even if it's just exploring Norwich or trying a new restaurant. I am easy going and don't like to create conflict.


  • Music As a classical musician, I love orchestral repertoire, Romantic and Classical era, but there's a lot to offer across the board. I like all kinds of music, not so much modern country but everything from Jazz to Pop.
  • Reading My favourite books have been Cloud Atlas and Brave New World. I did enjoy the Series of Unfortunate Events series, as well.
  • Sports I enjoy watching football (soccer, not so much American football), I recently started fencing, and I would really like to learn the rules of cricket.
  • Movies & TV Wes Anderson films fill out my permanent favourite list along with Back To The Future and Ghostbusters but just like my taste in music I can find something to like in most genres.
  • Hobbies I try to get my viola out as often as possible, reading for my literature review takes up enough time that it may as well be a hobby, watching movies and finding new TV series on Netflix, cooking for others

What I'm looking for

Someone ideal would have a good sense of humour, be down to earth, and generally caring. Friendship with a man • Longterm relationship with a man
Age 27-35
Country Not important
IQ Band: Bronze (IQ < 110)
Cultural Background: Not important
Relationship Status: Single; Separated; Divorced; Widowed
Star Sign: Not important
Height: min-max cm.
Body Type: Slim; Athletic; Average
Eye Color: Not important
Hair Color: Not important
Education Level: Graduate; Post Graduate
Job Role: Not important
Industry: Not important
Personality: Private; Average; Social
Drinking Habits: Not important
Smoking Habits: Not important
Dietary Preferences: Not important
Children: Not important
Should they want more children: Not important
Have pets: Not important