Single American woman Scrumtrulescent

IQ Band: Gold (IQ > 130)
Age 32
Gender woman
Height 163cm
Country United States of America
City Denver
Smoking Habits: Don't smoke
Drinking Habits: Occasionally / Socially
Dietary Preferences: Non Special Diet
Do You Have Children: No
Do You Want Children: No
Have pets: I like pets but I don't have any
Body Type: Large-ish
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Personality: Very social
Cultural Background: Other Caucasian
Star Sign: Gemini
Education Level: Diploma
Job Role: Professional
Industry: Financial Services

About me

What makes me happy? Frequent flier miles. Having an apartment that looks like a library vomited all over it. Laughing at innuendos you didn't even realize you made. I think life is hilarious and exciting, and spend most of my time proving myself right.

Curiosity drives me to explore, whether across the road or across the world. My journeys are enriched by the interesting people I meet and the laugher we share. Recently, I've been to such exotic climes as Prague, Iceland, and Aurora.

So muster up your sense of humor, passion for life, and tolerance for the occasional dead baby joke, and drop me a line!


  • Music Music? Never heard of it.

    I'm in a rut lately and haven't been actively seeking out new music. Anything you can recommend? I'm also learning to play ukulele, but I'll spare you from having to listen.
  • Reading I tend to be drawn to authors to use language masterfully, and favor character-driven fiction (like the works of John Irving or Nicholson Baker). I'm a bit overwhelmed trying to articulate my (voracious) reading habits, so I'll just say that the last thing I read was "Life is Elsewhere" by the Czech author Milan Kundera, which heartbreakingly (yet not without humor) exposed some of the darker parts of our human nature. What do you think I should read next?
  • Sports Go local team! Do that thing that gets you points!
  • Movies & TV I enjoy movies and live theater. I'm not a very harsh critic, and love a thoughtful independent film as much as I enjoy watching shit blow up. Bonus points for making me laugh so hard I choke on the popcorn.

    I don't really watch TV, which can sometimes be socially crippling. On the rare occasion I do, I typically stick with comedies for some lighthearted couch-time.
  • Hobbies When not busy practicing spreadsheet artistry, I like to give the other half of my brain some stimulation by being crafty...somewhere between MacGyver and Martha Stewart, but with fewer explosions and convictions (so far). I have also been known to, in the privacy of my own home, curl up with a good book or write a letter (on paper!). Those activities are reserved for those rare moments when I am not running all over town with friends to check out what Denver has to offer.

What I'm looking for

Friendship with a man • Shortterm relationship with a man • Longterm relationship with a man
Age 28-38
Country United States of America
IQ Band: Gold (IQ > 130)
Cultural Background: Not important
Relationship Status: Single; Separated; Divorced; Widowed
Star Sign: Not important
Height: min-max cm.
Body Type: Not important
Eye Color: Not important
Hair Color: Not important
Education Level: Diploma; Graduate; Post Graduate
Job Role: Not important
Industry: Not important
Personality: Average; Social; Very social
Drinking Habits: Non-Drinker; Occasionally / Socially; Regularly
Smoking Habits: Don't smoke
Dietary Preferences: Not important
Children: Not important
Should they want more children: Not important
Have pets: Not important