Single Australian man Mikhayl

IQ Band: Silver (IQ 110-130)
Age 28
Gender man
Height 168cm
Country Australia
City Whyalla Stuart
Smoking Habits: Don't smoke
Drinking Habits: Occasionally / Socially
Dietary Preferences: Non Special Diet
Do You Have Children: Yes, Sometimes with me
Do You Want Children: Undecided
Have pets: No
Body Type: Athletic
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Personality: Social
Cultural Background: North European
Star Sign: Aries
Education Level: Some College
Job Role: Technical
Industry: Trades

About me

Straight up, i have a daughter and i'm very active in her life. long story short, I had been in a relationship since 19, got married at 26, became an awesome father at 27 and then discovered my wife was gay (we're still super awesome friends). life serves you up some crazy lemons sometimes (no pun actually intended there)

So you should message me if none of that is a problem for you and you're looking for that genuinely nice guy.

I'm intelligent, funny, uber confident, passionate and creative.

My interests, tastes and hobbies are stupidly vast. so vast that they typically overwhelm most people with their vastness. I mean its crazy. seriously. So unless you're not really in to anything, i can guarantee we'll have something in common. Oh i don't really care for watching sports though. I'm not against them and i'll happily play a game but i'm indifferent to it and couldn't care less about AFL especially.

I'm here to find a companion; someone to explore with, both the world and each other. I'm looking for my sam-wise gamgee, that's if sam was a woman, and yes there will be a mount doom and trolls and stuff.

If you'd like to know more about me then feel free to message me. I reply to everyone equally and treat everyone with the same respect. but if you message be prepared for an intense conversation. you've been warned :)


  • Music Metal, Blues, Jazz, 90s Techno, Easy listening, Classical
  • Reading Philosophy, Social Sciences, Transhumanism, Religion, Psychology, Some classical literature
  • Sports Aikido
  • Movies & TV Kung Fu Films
    Stanley Kubrik
    Quentin Tarantino
  • Hobbies Guitar

What I'm looking for

Friendship with a woman • Shortterm relationship with a woman • Longterm relationship with a woman
Age 20-30
Country Australia
IQ Band: Silver (IQ 110-130)
Cultural Background: Not important
Relationship Status: Not important
Star Sign: Not important
Height: min-max cm.
Body Type: Not important
Eye Color: Not important
Hair Color: Not important
Education Level: Not important
Job Role: Not important
Industry: Not important
Personality: Not important
Drinking Habits: Not important
Smoking Habits: Don't smoke; Trying to quit; Occasionally / Socially
Dietary Preferences: Not important
Children: Not important
Should they want more children: Not important
Have pets: Not important