Divorced American woman Geekinatrix

IQ Band: Silver (IQ 110-130)
Age 29
Gender woman
Height 162cm
Country United States of America
City Portland
Smoking Habits: Occasionally / Socially
Drinking Habits: Occasionally / Socially
Dietary Preferences: Vegetarian
Do You Have Children: Yes, Sometimes with me
Do You Want Children: No, but yours are fine
Have pets: Yes
Body Type: Large-ish
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Personality: Very social
Cultural Background: Mixed Race
Job Role: Other
Industry: Healthcare

About me

I'm an extrovert, an unabashed hedonist, and a geek through and through. I'm a total goof, and either I'm witty or I just surround myself with people who are easily amused. Here are a few other labels for you to make assumptions from: kinky, compassionate, feminist, progressive, confident, polyamorous, polite, ambitious, educated, well-read, and worldly. Need clarification? Just ask me. I'm much less listish in actual conversation.

Note: I am pansexual. Ignore the What I'm Looking For section. I can't figure out why the site makes you say you're only interested in men or women. I'm interested in both and everything else gender-wise.


  • Music I live in a post-genre paradigm. I develop mini obsessions with particular artists and constantly listen to them. A few weeks later I'll have moved on to something else. Feel free to introduce me to something new, or remind me of something I forgot I loved.
  • Reading I used to get in trouble in school for reading so much instead of doing homework. Having read thousands of books, it's easier to highlight what types of books I read most than to try and remember specific books. Broadly speaking, I enjoy:
    *Fiction, especially contemporary/urban, speculative, fantasy, noir, and sci-fi
    *Non-Fiction, especially science, history, sociology, and biographies
    *Poetry - my first and most passionate literary love
  • Sports I like to watch soccer and cycling.
  • Movies & TV Movies:
    *The Avengers (and all the related Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, etc. movies)
    *The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies
    *The Star Wars movies
    *Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (and most any Sidney Poirtier film)
    *Foreign films (especially Paris je t'aime, Mar adentro, Tambien la lluvia, El ojo en la nuca, Ma vie en rose, Amelie, Y tu mama tambien, El laberinto del fauno, Lola Rennt...ok, this is getting long)
    *Fried Green Tomatoes
    *The Craft (nostalgic value, mostly)
    *The Princess Bride
    *Flash Gordon
    *B movies (especially Plan Nine from Outer Space, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Day of the Triffids)
    *Spoofs and zany comedies (especially Airplane!, Amazon Women on the Moon, Yours, Mine and Ours, Young Frankenstein, etc.)
    *The Time Traveler's Wife
    *Dirty Dancing

    *Dr. Who
    *Big Bang Theory
    *Game of Thrones
    *Penn and Teller's Bullshit
    *Six Feet Under
    *Red Dwarf
    *House of Cards
  • Hobbies Karaoke, occasional bouts of craftiness, naked lounging on the beach, hiking.

What I'm looking for

Longterm relationship with a man
Age 30-55
Country United States of America
IQ Band: (IQ > 110)
Cultural Background: Not important
Relationship Status: Single; Separated; Divorced; Widowed
Star Sign: Not important
Height: min-max cm.
Body Type: Not important
Eye Color: Not important
Hair Color: Not important
Education Level: Some College; Diploma; Graduate; Post Graduate
Job Role: Not important
Industry: Not important
Personality: Average; Social; Very social
Drinking Habits: Occasionally / Socially; Regularly
Smoking Habits: Don't smoke; Occasionally / Socially
Dietary Preferences: Not important
Children: Not important
Should they want more children: Not important
Have pets: Not important