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Welcome to IQ Catch, the best place to meet like-minded smart people online. The IQ Catch website is owned and operated by Aaronscreations Pty Lty, a company that prides itself in providing innovative solutions for the 21st century.

The IQ Catch website was set up for the need of intelligent people to come together to find happiness and a potential life-long partner. What better way is there of finding that true intelligent person than by members completing an IQ Test. It'll help you determine whether your mate has got it where it counts.

The IQ Catch website differs from other dating websites: not only can you do an IQ test as part of the registration process but it is the only dating website in which other members can buy actual IQ gifts for other members or for themselves. All gifts are shipped quickly from a state-of-the-art warehouse with a personalized message included in the gift from you for that someone special. No virtual gifts here.

The IQ Catch website contains all the latest IQ news, allowing comments and community involvement in discussing the relevant articles. The IQ Catch website presents research into a long healthy life, discussing current research and tried and proven methods for a maximum long health and happy life.

The IQ Catch website contains a forum section for all registered members to discuss important issues with like-minded people and to get other options on important questions. And if you feel like a break from all the latest news, than please try out the IQ Catch games page for some rest and relaxation while still learning in a fun environment.

We at IQ Catch hope you enjoy the website that was created specially for our members, a website that is easy to use and navigate while discussing interesting topics that smart people would like to share with other smart like-minded people and maybe find (catch) that special someone.

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