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Discuss anything relating to IQ Scores and what do they mean?

Selected the wrong country!

I accidentally set my home country as the Virgin Islands (USA) and can't figure out how to change...
0 138 78 days ago
by Sayetsu

What quality is the IQCatch testing?

Hello, I wonder what is the quality of the testing on this site ... I scored 156 ... just wonder ...
2 732 67 days ago
by Stephen

tricky puzzle

7222 = 0
5000 = 3
9900 = 4
9038 = 4
3138 = 2
0000 = 4
7663 = 2
1111 =...
0 739 392 days ago

IQ Test

I didn't complete the IQ test personally. I'm just looking for someone genuine, caring and loving...
0 983 510 days ago
by Nick88

Are women smarter?

Not sure, but it sure seems like females have a more intelligent and complex mind. Any thoughts?
8 1622 383 days ago
by Willie Stroker

High iq societies

When looking at the membership of high in societies I never find notable scientists, politicians,...
2 1989 67 days ago
by Stephen

iq test

I am not my English and I do not know the English one who had a low IQ 120
1 1634 772 days ago
by Newton666

IQ vs imagination?

They say we are running out of new ideas...I'm not. Let's see if anyone including those who chose...
7 2247 666 days ago
by Ben

Ladies: Did you all really try the IQ test?

I suspect that some of you didn't even try the IQ test. But then you end up listed in the lowest...
21 5943 50 days ago
by OdinsBeard

Diet and Sleep

Does a healthy diet and amount of sleep you have effect your overall IQ score?
5 4635 321 days ago
by Imae

IQ Puzzles

IQ questions and puzzles to test the mind and keep it sharp!

Discord for smart people

As said above, 100% free expression. Discuss, argue honestly and argue well.

0 121 67 days ago
by Stephen

online IQ tests that arent obviously bogus aka ...

Why because the people that like to take the tests are brighter on average. How true do you beli...
1 2418 841 days ago
by coast12

IQ Question 10-11-2013

What number should come next in the following sequence on the left below?

1 8 8 16 128 144 18432...
2 3611 1315 days ago
by spino

IQ Puzzle 7-11-13

The letters represent words that are somehow connected in a sequence. You must identify the next ...
1 3825 1854 days ago
by Kengal

IQ Puzzle 3-11-2013

The letters represent words that are somehow connected in a sequence. You must identify the next ...
1 3678 1854 days ago
by Kengal

IQ Puzzle 1-11-2013

Three switches outside a windowless room are connected to three light bulbs inside the room. How ...
5 3502 417 days ago
by PaulTJMaxx

IQ Puzzle 31-10-2013

A man rode into town on Friday. He stayed for three nights and then left on Friday. How can this ...
3 3523 1165 days ago
by spino

IQ Puzzle 30-10-2013

There is a barrel with no lid and some beer in it. "This barrel is more than half full,"...
2 3386 1165 days ago
by spino

IQ Question 23-2-2013

Tina, who is sixteen years old, is four times as old as her brother. How old will Tina be when sh...
2 4267 2121 days ago
by Naveen

IQ Question 22-2-2013

In a coffee shop, 12 customers had sugar in their coffee, 7 had cream, 3 had both sugar and cream...
3 4269 2184 days ago
by Fullofflife